The Great West Hedge is an innovative and challenging proposal inspired by the London National Park City to create a hedge and tree avenue along the Great West Road.

A protective and attractive hedge and tree avenue along the A4 to filter out some of the pollution for pedestrians, cyclists, residents and schoolchildren. Providing more green, a wildlife corridor, and improved street scene, and potentially filtering out some of the road noise.

Run as a Living Laboratory it would provide a London-based proof of the benefits of green infrastructure along roads for the improvement of air quality.

Our Inspirations

London became the world's first National Park City in July 2019, encouraging everyone in London to help make life better by making London greener, healthier and wilder. A National Park City is 'a city where all can enjoy high-quality green spaces, clean air, clean waterways and where more people choose to walk and cycle' London National Park City >

The suffering of the schools along the A4 which exceed NO2 legal limits, and amazing work being done by parents and others to rectify this. The air quality of the parks along the A4. Air Quality >

A growing body of research showing that hedges and trees can be very effective in filtering the pollution from roads. As set out in the Mayor of London's 'Using Green Infrastructure to Protect People from Air Pollution' guide, London can be at the cutting (h)edge of planting urban hedges for air quality. Hedges >

The expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone in 2021 will reach out to the North and South Circulars apart from the section along the Great West Road. ULEZ >

The local groups who are working hard to make the area the best it can be. Supporters >

Where is it?

It will run from the end of the elevated section of the M4 through to the Hammersmith Flyover. That said, there is nothing to stop the hedge growing westwards along the A4, through Brentford, Osterley and Heston. See our map >

What does it look like? How does a hedge improve air quality?

Check out the research done into using hedges and trees to improve air quality along roads on our hedges page.